A funky new office for 2014

Posted on 13 Jan, 2014

A funky new office for 2014

Our new office - loving the natural light!

You've probably noticed that the number of jobs on EthicalJobs.com.au has been growing - and in the past year we’ve been lucky enough to recruit some amazing new team members to help us grow our community even more!

And the growth of the EthicalJobs.com.au team has in turn led us to a funky new office in Collingwood late last year.

We're loving the new space, and thought we'd share a peek at it with you. Apart from lots of natural light (our last office was a little dingy, to say the least) and more space for our growing team, our new office has a lovely outdoor deck. It’s a great space to hold open-air meetings and there’s also room to plant a veggie garden - and maybe a couple of (small) fruit trees too!

We'll let you know how our vegie harvest goes in the year ahead!

And don’t worry, our phone numbers and PO Box remain the same for the moment - only our street address has changed.