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The person we seek will have the knowledge and expertise to guide the team in implementing the designated support model with ethical, holistic and person-centred approaches.

The chosen candidate will be provided with an existing system including policies, procedures, templates and tools to enable them to work collaboratively with the parent Nominee, so the support team can deliver the Vision and the Means for a good life for Lindsey.

The Team Leader will be highly efficient, organized and have excellent people and task management skills.

This job is offered as a contracted position for a sole trader or casual employee, with a probationary period of 3 months and falls under the category of the SCHADS award Level 4. The role has potential to grow and develop into a service (for one) management position to enable the parent Nominee to delegate and eventually relinquish these responsibilities.


Lindsey is an effervescent empathetic and energetic young woman with a zest for people and life. She is the “Enthusiastic Humanist” who teaches us all about the authentic and important things in life.

She loves all things aquatic – swimming, sailing, fishing, kayaking, jet skiing and hopes to venture onto a SUP in the warmer months. Her special talent is for showing us all the truly important things in life to appreciate and enjoy.

Lindsey has her own microbusiness making pet treats – her present focus is on dogs but has made treats for cats and is keen to make them for horses too.

Lindsey is 35 years young and after living in her own home for the past 13 years, both with a housemate and on her own, is at the crucial time in her life when relationships are especially important. Her focus and interests are about meeting new people and developing freely given and long-lasting relationships, and needs support from her team to:

  • Transform activities into valued roles,
  • Discover new interests, expand and develop new skills
  • Find opportunities to shine either as a small business owner or just as a leader in humanity
  • Build friendships and lasting connections in her community
  • Plan, organise and execute her daily activities
  • Take care of herself, her home, and stay strong and healthy
  • Understand and manage her feelings and express her needs.

Our Vision is that Lindsey will flourish through natural pathways to lead a fulfilling life that is purposeful and self-directed on a daily basis. Our Means to this is the uniquely tailored support model designed by the family.

Our aim is to develop over the next 12 months a formal company or microboard (incorporated association) to manage the structure of Lindsey’s support.

Lindsey and her mother have been self-managing and directly hiring support staff since 2010. Lindsey’s Nominee and mother, has a long history of disability advocacy both volunteer and paid professional roles, including the role of Director of a community organization with a staff of 30. This background has assisted in establishing the structure of the support model that includes formal processes for human resources, in-service training and professional development for staff, and quality assurance.

The Director (parent Nominee) has endeavoured to create a nurturing work environment that

  • Enables you to contribute on a deep level to Lindsey’s life
  • Provides a clear vision and purpose
  • Provides ongoing mentoring and training
  • Involves you in strategic long-term planning
  • Responds to your concerns
  • Keeps you engaged and challenged
  • Appreciates you
  • Pays well.


The primary role of the Team Leader is to ensure that the day-to-day responsibilities of support workers are carried out in accordance with the Vision and Means determined by Lindsey and her family. The Team Leader will ensure Lindsey is supported to live a safe, healthy and comfortable lifestyle in her own home.


The Team Leader will work in a team with other support workers who are employed by Lindsey under a self-managed arrangement by The Nominee.

The Team Leader will provide oversight to ensure that the Support Team Members:

  • Support Lindsey to live a lifestyle as a valued member of her community.
  • Use conscious and reflective practice
  • Assist her with personal care and lifestyle support
  • Support her in a positive and empowering manner and to respond to her needs.
  • Enhance her personal development and skills
  • Provide a personally and practically run clean and safe household.

The Team Leader will:

  • Assist in the development and revision, as needed, of the way that support is provided with guidance and input from Lindsey and her Nominee
  • Provide supervision, support, encouragement and guidance to Team Members
  • Ensure that support is delivered ethically, goal oriented and with accountability to the Nominee and in accordance with the Vision and the Means.
  • Use clear, efficient and timely communication channels to The Nominee, other family and team members to streamline operations
  • Do any other things that are necessary or incidental to achieving any of the matters listed above.


1. Responsible for supporting the vision of Lindsey with family & friends to pursue a unique lifestyle through the implementation of formal (paid) supports to her by:

  • Supporting creativity around developing informal relationships and intentional friendships
  • Respect and welcome the positive involvement of people who have a significant relationship with Lindsey
  • Guide support workers in their roles to assist Lindsey to develop skills/ tools appropriate to the activities and the roles she holds or desires.

2. Work to develop an understanding of Lindsey, her family and significant others over time:

  • Develop a relationship with The Nominee and gain understanding and knowledge of Lindsey
  • Knowing Lindsey’s situation well and being respectful of the culture of home life.

3. Under the authority of The Nominee assist with the management & implementation of supports through:

  • Rostering, including allocating any onboarding (buddy shifts) for new staff
  • Undertaking the induction and onboard training materials for new recruits
  • Ensuring the completion of feedback forms for inservice and professional development training for all staff are completed and submitted in timely manner
  • Developing and supporting staff team to do the delegated aspects of daily life so Lindsey is well supported and included in the life of the local community
  • Supporting the development of a strategy for back up & emergency supports
  • Negotiating worker issues, concerns, disputes
  • Participating and facilitating team meetings, checkins and planning and development meetings

4. Provide oversight and assistance in the development and implementation of ‘intentional safeguards’ by:

  • Ensuring positive imagery regarding all aspects of Lindsey’s life
  • Living & lifestyle arrangements typical & socially inclusive
  • Ensuring institutional/congregated practices are avoided
  • Ensuring protection in relation to vulnerabilities
  • Remaining loyal to Lindsey and her family
  • Defending privacy and integrity & ensuring confidentiality & fidelity
  • Being moral and ethical


  • High level of knowledge, values and skills gained through previous experience and/or qualifications in community support services.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of what makes ethical support for a good life and the implications of behaviour support
  • Willing and able to take direction from the Nominee and to put to effective use with staff
  • At least 3 years experience managing a team, staff or a business with a sound knowledge of performance management
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal
  • Exceptional time management and organisational skills
  • Competency in use of mobile and computer software including Microsoft 365, Teams and One Drive
  • Sound interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate effectively with a range of people and in a variety of situations, and to work as a member of a team.
  • High level of demonstrated accountability measures
  • Excellent analytical skills and insight to unintended consequences of poor practice
  • The flexibility to work both on and off site, and to extend working hours as required.
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Possession of a current Queensland driver’s licence and comprehensively insured vehicle
  • Own Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurances
  • Possession of a Positive Notice card / Positive Notice Exemption Card (at own cost)
  • Australian resident


  • Demonstrated commitment to social justice principles, including a respect for and commitment to the rights of people with disability and their families.
  • The ability to rapidly adapt to different situations, support arrangements and services.
  • Availability and skills to undertake emergency shifts when necessary
  • Knowledge of and capabilities with development and use of adaptive technology and software such as visual calendars etc.
  • Desirous of long-term position at least 2 years or more.


The nominee has established policies, processes and procedures for the successful candidate to utilize in their role. However, in-service training about Lindsey and the model of support is considered part of induction for all team members. Further to this, mandatory and optional professional development is provided in the following areas:-

  • Positive behaviour support
  • Enhancing optimal support and service delivery practices
  • Developmental models


It is anticipated that hours will be flexible and at times fluctuate, especially during recruitment and onboarding of new staff.

The successful candidate will be offered 10-15 hours per week negotiable, but this role is offered to sole traders who may operate their business with one or more other individuals/families.

A position description is attached.

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