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Business Development Manager

The Grief Centre of Western Australia
  • Level: L7.1 SCHADS - Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award
  • Position type: Part-time - 0.6FTE, 18mth contract
  • Location: Tuart Hill, 6060

The Business Development Manager is a Lotterywest funded position and is central to a time-limited project that will support the Grief Centre of Western Australia (GCWA) to transition from being a small, relatively unknown community-based specialist grief support service to one that has the systems, staff and influence to become a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in the death, grief and loss space in WA.

During the 18month project period the Business Development Manager (BDM) will lead changes both internally and externally in order to transform the Centre’s business model in the service of innovative, compassionate and effective grief support. The BDM will work closely with the GCWA General Manager to ensure that the Centre builds and benefits from strategic alliances, partnerships, community and stakeholder engagement. This collaborative approach will guide expansion of the Centre’s services, fill gaps in response to community need, and inform how best to build and diversify income sources to future proof and transition the Centre into self-sustainability.

The many and varied tasks required to lift the capacity, resilience, profile and reach of the GCWA will require a BDM who is diversely skilled, experienced and passionately ready to lead this transformation.

The Grief Centre of Western Australia

The GCWA was established in 2014 as an Australian registered charity with the primary mission to promote health and well-being through changing the way grief is viewed and responded to in our society. To this end, the Centre delivers a range of grief support services, trainings, workshops and information sessions with high levels of client and community satisfaction. A small, committed team currently works largely pro-bono to oversee, manage and run these activities along with partnership development, regular community events and celebrations, an e-newsletter and a social media presence.

The GCWA is a non-profit community organisation governed and guided by a Management Committee that meets monthly.

Organisational Context

The increased incidence of grief and loss across Western Australia due to COVID-19 has deepened the Centre’s commitment to providing quality, accessible support options for people in grief whilst minimising the risk of distress and harm associated with unresolved grief and/or challenging end-of-life and post-death arrangements. With the advent of COVID-19 the Centre has recognised the need to adapt key elements of our Strategic Plan in order to respond to the current pandemic and to develop the capacity and resilience to manage potential adverse events in the future. The pillars which underpin our future sustainability and align with our Strategic Plan 2020 - 2023 (undertaken Feb 2020) include:

  1. Financial Sustainability: A clearly defined, data-driven financial sustainability strategy and income diversification plan to fund administration staff and core costs.
  2. Organisational Fundamentals: The implementation of systems including a secure client database, a current website, an improved client booking and practice management system, improved reporting systems, in addition to associated and updated policies to support organisational effectiveness and risk management.
  3. Governance: Quality Assurance Standard for our grief counsellors and endorsed therapeutic approach, including requisite training activities completed by all counsellors, staff and Management Committee.
  4. Improved Training and Professional Development: The development of a multi-purpose grief training curriculum to build on the Centre’s current workshops.
  5. Sector Collaboration: Increased profile in the West Australian and national death and dying and grief sector through community outreach and partnerships.


The BDM has overall responsibility for the day-to-day management and supervision of key business developmental activities as described below. They will report directly to the GCWA General Manager and work in close liaison with:

  • The GCWA Management Committee
  • The GCWA Counselling Coordinator
  • Other staff / interns / volunteers as required.

Job Summary

The Business Development Manager will:

  • Analyse, identify and pursue appropriate funding opportunities, corporate sponsorships, partnerships, and other progressive options in order to build financial sustainability and on-going growth for the Centre.
  • Cultivate strategic alliances and positive relations with the GCWA community and external stakeholders.
  • Effectively represent and advocate for the GCWA with external agencies and the media on behalf of the Management Committee.
  • Provide the GCWA Management Committee with leadership, direction and support to balance strategic innovation with operational and organisational stability.
  • Analyse, identify and facilitate more efficient and effective ways of working within the Centre, including Client Contact Services with an aim of future proofing and expanding services.
  • Lead continuous improvement in operational systems, business processes, and digital systems and tools including deployment of Microsoft Office 365 to improve management effectiveness by standardising communication and document sharing systems across the organisation.
  • Collaborate to design and implement a targeted marketing strategy including an outreach campaign to primary healthcare professionals and potential partners.
  • Support the GCWA Team, to use systems, methods and processes to facilitate high quality project and records management, data-collection and reporting, together with developing associated internal policies and user guides.

Individual Values and Commitment

As the first paid position, the BDM is central to shaping the future of the GCWA and our capacity to grow and deliver our range of grief support services. The successful applicant will be willing to tackle the many and different facets of the role, bringing diverse skills, high-level experience and a dynamism to make a difference in the death and grief space in WA.

The successful applicant will:

  • Actively embrace and integrate GCWA’s vision, mission and Charter of Principles into the role, and model aligned behaviours.
  • Recognise the value of the lived experience of grief in support of people on the journey of integrating bereavement and loss.
  • Conform to GCWA’s conditions of employment; code of conduct; policies and procedures; and relevant legislation and standards.
  • Commit to ongoing personal and professional development.
  • Value and practice emotional intelligence and be death literate.
  • Hold respect for Noongar culture, and be inclusive of diversity in race, religion and gender.

Key Values required in the position: Integrity, Flexibility, Patience, Commitment.

Key Characteristics of the BDM: Inspiring, Collaborative, Empowering, Confidence.

Role and Responsibilities

The Business Development Manager is responsible for developing and driving execution of the GCWA Business Plan. Through collaboration with the GCWA Management Committee, the BDM will:

  1. Prepare a comprehensive Business Plan to sustain and grow the GCWA’s charitable mission. Develop and optimise diversified funding streams to cover and sustain the Centre’s core operational costs, build organisational capacity and on-going growth.
  2. Set financial and operational performance targets based on sector benchmarks and assess community demand for grief and loss services. Advise the GCWA Management Committee on operational systems and processes which underpin successful growth.
  3. Lead continuous improvement in operational systems and business processes, including digital systems, data-collection, reporting mechanisms, and other tools and practices that support collaboration and work management, including roll-out of Office 365.
  4. Serve as primary liaison with existing and prospective customer groups. Collaborate with General Manager to develop sponsor presentation materials. Oversee external outreach activities including social media, print media, and information sessions with external stakeholders including government agencies and corporate partners.
  5. As required, attend relevant conferences and events to promote relationship building with public and corporate partners. Conduct ongoing professional development aligned to GCWA credentialing standards.
  6. Supervise student intern(s). Ensure data entry, reporting, social media content and other tasks are delivered to a high standard.

Required Skills / Selection Criteria

In addition to a commitment to the GCWA Mission and Vision, essential and desirable skills are:

  1. Demonstrated strategic business planning and project management experience.
  2. Proven experience using analytical problem-solving skills to achieve excellence and growth within an NGO, or another service delivery environment.
  3. Keen ability to analyse, identify and facilitate effective, efficient ways of working within an organisation, and with external stakeholders, to improve outcomes and service delivery.
  4. Experience working with CRM systems and Office 365.
  5. Excellent verbal skills bringing clarity, openness and ease to communications with team-members, executive, stakeholders and the general public.
  6. Excellent written skills including grant, media and report writing in a factual and influential format and style.
  7. Emotional intelligence, and an ability to collaborate with creative colleagues and build cohesive teams.
  8. Comfortable with pressure and ambiguity, and the ability to self-manage, prioritise and work on multiple projects concurrently.
  9. Death literacy and a lived experience with grief and loss is highly beneficial.
  10. A tertiary qualification in Business Development or a relevant area is desirable.


  1. Must have legal residency and employment status in Australia.
  2. Must hold a current driver’s license and a National Police Clearance.

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