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Volunteer Manager (Paid Position)

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About Flying Fox

Flying Fox is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing fun, social and life-changing opportunities for people with disability. Our mission is to create inclusive and enriching experiences for our participants, with the support of our dedicated volunteers.

We are on a mission to become the number 1 leading volunteer destination for young adults.

Job Overview

Flying Fox is a youth-led, impactful disability organisation. We are seeking a leader to join our team. If you are excited about leading a generation of passionate community members to provide endless fun and social opportunities for young People with Disability, then read on!

This dual-role is responsible for managing both the on-the-ground volunteer engagement of Flying Fox (500 active volunteers and another 1000 alumni), and driving the operational and strategic growth of our volunteer program.

Ultimately, this person is responsible for driving Flying Fox towards achieving its strategic goal of being the number one volunteer destination for young leaders. 

We acknowledge that this role is BIG. We have a warm, high-performing and passionate team to work alongside. We will provide you with all of the scaffolding necessary to thrive. We are excited to work with an emerging leader, who is excited about growing into this leadership role.

    Key Day-to-Day Responsibilities

    • Volunteer Program Oversight: Managing the organisation's volunteer program to ensure all programs are led by competent young adult leaders.

    • Information and Database Management: Improving processes related to information and database management, including individual volunteer tracking.

    • Volunteer Recruitment, Placement and Retention: Enhancing methods for recruiting and placing volunteers to meet the individual expectations and organisation's needs.

    • Training and Support: Supporting the development of young leaders with the necessary training to provide high-quality support and fun for People with Disability.

    • After-Hours Commitment: Conducting interviews, training sessions, and engaging with volunteers outside regular working hours.

    Growing the Organisation's Capabilities

    • Process Enhancement: Guide our team in enhancing daily operations and adapting to our organisation's evolving needs, ensuring continuous professional growth and development.

    • Partnership Cultivation: Strengthening relationships with schools and universities to enhance volunteer recruitment and engagement.

    • Community Engagement: Maintaining high expectations of volunteers in their crucial community roles and managing a large, active volunteer community.

    Inspiring the Next Generation

    • Empowering Young Leaders: Inspiring hundreds of young leaders to excel in disability support roles.

    • Teaching and Mentoring: Supporting Flying Fox’s young adult staff to achieve all of the above. Acting as a natural teacher, guiding young people across the organisation to be their best selves.

    • Passion and Energy: Bringing vibrant, inspiring energy to match the fast-paced nature of the work, whilst prioritising your personal passion for social impact and inclusion. 

    An ideal candidate will have

    • Commitment to the vision and mission of Flying Fox.
    • Proven experience in volunteer management, community engagement, or related roles.
    • Experience leading teams.
    • A willingness to go above and beyond for our organisation.
    • Strong leadership and communication skills.
    • Excellent organisational and problem-solving abilities.

    We will always be an organisation that supports emerging leaders to thrive.

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