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Café Business Manager - Cambodia

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Epic Arts Café, is a social enterprise business managed by Epic Arts. Epic Arts is an international organisation based in Cambodia and registered as a charity in the UK. We transform the lives of People with Disabilities, so that they can thrive.

Epic Arts’ Cafe’ drives positive change by using its profits to advocate for a fairer world and equality for individuals with disabilities. Proceeds from the Cafe are reinvested into the charity and this helps us to grow. Having recently relocated to new premises, we're searching for a dedicated Café Manager to lead us forward.

Role Overview:

As a Café Manager, you'll play a pivotal role in developing our café's potential, maximising the impact of post-pandemic tourism, and ensuring its sustained success and future growth, by building a brand fit for the future.

You'll manage all café operations, from kitchen to Front of House, including staff management, supplies, finance tracking, customer service and loyalty. Ensuring compliance with sanitation, hygiene, health, safety regulations, and quality standards.

Your commitment to diversity and inclusion, combined with your business leadership skills, will guide our café, as an inclusive space that resonates with our values.

Operational Excellence:

  • Implement Epic Arts Café handbook, policies and procedures consistently
  • Conduct annual appraisals, training and development for Café/Shop staff, including supervisors and assistants.
  • Ensure efficient stock control, cost-effective ordering, and quality standards maintenance and overseeing premises upkeep and improvements.
  • Coordinate service and kitchen teams to ensure efficient and prompt customer service.
  • Monitor and respond to customer inquiries, booking requests, and reviews.
  • Continually oversee menu and pricing updates, prioritising profit margins while staying in tune with local trends.
  • collaborate with the Café Admin Assistant and timely menu changes
  • Conduct regular analysis of sales data and customer preferences to optimise menu offerings.
  • Manage and monitor epic arts café finance and budget and operate within budgetary controls
  • Maintain a balance between profitability and affordability, ensuring that pricing reflects the café's value proposition.
  • Monitor competitors' offerings and pricing strategies to remain competitive within the local market.
  • Collaborate with Café Admin Assistant to manage HR and finance tasks.
  • Manage shop inventory, connect with vendors and process payments.
  • Supervise, manage and direct the overall performance of the team, leading by example with exceptional customer service.


  • Develop a short and long-term Marketing strategy including a new Cafe’ website page and mailing list development.
  • Manage Epic Arts Café social media platforms and respond to reviews on TripAdvisor.
  • Manage all subscriptions and service accounts.
  • Implement creative marketing strategies to attract new customers, engaging and growing the existing customer base.

Business Expansion and Development:

  • Collaborate with Epic Arts Senior Management to strategise and plan future business directions.
  • Assess the local business landscape to maintain innovation.
  • Lead business plan implementation, including expansion to any new premises or locations.
  • Present any business development plans to potential donors and investors.
  • Bring innovative ideas to the Enterprise team to keep the business evolving.
  • Ensure ideas align with Epic Arts' vision, mission and values.

Inclusive Practices:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity by creating an environment that values diversity among both staff and customers.
  • Lead the service team in providing inclusive and respectful customer service, considering individual abilities and needs.
  • Work closely with staff members to ensure equal opportunities for growth and development, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive.
  • Collaborate with the Enterprise team to ensure that systems and practices are designed to accommodate various abilities and needs.

Essential Criteria:

  • At least 3-5years experience in café/restaurant management or similar roles.
  • Strong and demonstrable leadership and communication skills.
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • A high level of honesty and integrity
  • Good understanding and proven ability of the business and management principles required for the role

Desirable Criteria:

  • Knowledge of inventory management, financial processes, customer service, marketing, and inclusive practices.

In addition to the base salary the Café Manager position includes benefits such as:

  • Insurance from National Social Security Fund
  • Lunch provided daily
  • Any additional Cafe’ Food at a discount of 30%
  • Training opportunities
  • Annual leave based on Epic Arts policy
  • Flexible working hours if approved by Management Team
  • Leave without pay if approved by Management Team
  • Opportunity to join high-level networking opportunities in and outside country
  • Friendly, inclusive, creative and supportive working environment

How to apply

This job ad has now expired, and applications are no longer being accepted.

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