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The inside story: how to get a job at World Vision Australia

Ever wondered what hiring managers are looking for when they recruit for Australia’s most sought-after NFPs?

In this series, we interview the people who hire at the organisations where you want to work — and we’ll give you the inside knowledge you need to make your next job application amazing. 

This month we speak to Tanya Gyatso, Talent Acquisition Manager at World Vision Australia. World Vision is a humanitarian and development organisation dedicated to helping children live life to the fullest.

You can check out the roles World Vision Australia is currently advertising here.

Hi Tanya, thanks for chatting with us! To kick us off, can you tell us a bit about what World Vision does?

World Vision is a humanitarian and development organisation dedicated to helping children live life to the fullest. In Australia, we have been around since 1966 with the purpose of empowering everyday Australians to create meaningful change in the world.

Together with our supporters, we never stop working, fighting, and doing. We are persistently determined about making a difference in the world through our wide-ranging programs, from child protection and education to climate change and working with First Nations communities right here in Australia.

As part of an international organisation with 35,000 staff and 3.3 million supporters in 100 countries, we respond with relentless strength and momentum. Grounded in our Christian faith, we create long-lasting change for the communities we work and brighter futures for their children.

What are some of the things that might attract candidates to apply to the World Vision?

The simple fact that we do good in the world and create meaningful change for the communities we work with. When an emergency happens, we are at the forefront of humanitarian response. Our size means we can deliver impact at scale and access the hardest-to-reach places with the kind of support that truly makes a difference.

But it doesn’t stop there. Much of our work involves empowering communities to create long-term change. That means providing expert guidance and support as they lead grassroot projects and achieve their own development goals. So, if you are a person who is passionate about making a genuine difference, World Vision is the place for you.

Apart from that, we offer some pretty great benefits to you as an individual – like salary packaging, flexible working arrangements, a suite of training and development opportunities, and an onsite café at our head office in Melbourne. 

Can you walk us through the recruitment process at World Vision?

Our recruitment process is centred around the employee experience. We aim to provide a recruitment experience that not only tells the story of why working at World Vision Australia is meaningful, but one that is also informative and as seamless as possible for our applicants. We hope that everyone who takes part in a recruitment process with us, whether successful or unsuccessful, walks away with a good experience. 

What are the top things you look for when assessing a candidate application?

When assessing an application, it is always important firstly to have the basics right. You must address the right role in your cover letter and resume. Make sure your resume is easy to read, and reflects the organisations you have worked at as well as the correct time periods. Another key element we love to see throughout the application process is passion, we want to see your passion shine through in your application. Our goal as an organisation is to create meaningful change in the world, so we want impassioned people who believe this and can help us build on this. 

What’s the most common mistake you see candidates make in their applications?

The most common mistakes that applicants make in their applications are always ones that are easily corrected. These are basic things such as having the wrong information in your cover letter or resume. Take the extra time to re-read your application or get someone to read over it for you.

And if they make it to interview, who is a candidate most likely to meet on an interview panel at World Vision?

Typically, most of our roles at World Vision Australia go through a two-stage interview process where you will meet the direct manager for the role and other key stakeholders in the business, like members of the team you will be joining, other cross-functional team members or leaders and members of our people and culture team. This provides candidates with an opportunity to meet a great cross section of the business, giving you a really good feel for the role and our culture. 

What advice would you give candidates to improve their interview skills?

Two things. Passion and preparation. Make sure you really get across your motivation and reason for wanting the role. We want to see your enthusiasm and energy shine through. And be prepared. Make sure you have done your research about the role and the organisation in general. Have three to four examples of your demonstrated experience that you can draw upon in an interview. Prepare some questions. A new role is a big decision for most people, so make sure you think about what you would like to ask to ensure you are making the right decision for yourself. This also shows the hiring manager that you are keen on the role and can provide you with valuable insights to make an informed decision.  

Finally, what advice would you give to someone who wants to work at World Vision but perhaps doesn’t have the right qualifications or experience?

I would firstly assess what requirements the role is asking for and seek out opportunities to enhance your qualifications or experience. Research what qualifications you would need to get into your chosen field and see what options are available to you. You can further enhance this by seeking out volunteer opportunities to gain experience in your field of choice. This shows employers you are serious about progressing down your chosen career path. 

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