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Our top posts of 2019

Can you believe in only a matter days it will be 2020?

We hope you’ve had a fantastic year. It has been a big year at EthicalJobs.com.au, with 27,000 jobs advertised on the site this year. We’re so happy you’ve joined our wonderful community of ethical jobseekers – thank you for your support!

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We’re taking a short break over the festive season but we’ll be back with many more ethical jobs on 2 January 2020. Our first daily job alerts will go out on 3 January.

In the meantime, we’ve assembled a list of our ten most popular blog posts of 2019 to catch up on over the break.

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1. 11 common resume mistakes you need to avoid

Having great experience and skills doesn’t get you a job interview; having a great resume does. So in this article, we’re going to look at 11 common resume mistakes that might be costing you interviews.

If your resume already passes all these tests, great!

If not, fix these common mistakes before applying for more jobs! You should see an immediate difference in the amount of interviews you get after fixing these mistakes.

2. This is what a perfect resume looks like, according to Harvard career experts

Who hasn’t wondered at some point during their job search: “Does my resume look like it should?”

A big thanks to the career experts at Harvard University for putting together some great examples of what a good resume looks like. If you’re doing everything right, it should look something like this…

3. Afraid you might be “overqualified”? Here’s four simple job application tweaks to stop you missing out on your dream job

There are many reasons why you may not get a job, but being told you’re “too qualified” can rank up there as one of the most confusing.

Why would an employer reject you because they essentially think you’re “too good”?

While it might seem a bit baffling, there are genuine reasons that employers may decide not to hire you based on the fact that your skill set, qualifications or experience are beyond what they require for the role.

4. “Don’t lose sight of what you want” – Benjamin Mulheran on how he found his job at Fred Hollows Foundation

Benjamin Mulheran found his job as Internal Communications Coordinator at the Fred Hollows Foundation on EthicalJobs.com.au

Fred Hollows Foundation is an international development organisation working towards eliminating avoidable blindness and improving the health of Indigenous Australians.

5. Should I stay or should I go? How to decide whether you should leave your current job

At some stage, every employee will be faced with that question.

The decision you make will set the path for your next career quest. Will you be on your way to a budding CEO? Or will you be sitting at the same desk everyday for who knows how long?

But you know that waiting for something just around the corner is merely reacting to life. You want to grab onto and make that next step a really rewarding one.

This guest post by Warren Frehse, provides tips on how to do it without appearing to be an indecisive ‘job-hopper’ with more jobs on your resume than you can count.

6. Six ways to build your resilience at work

We are all faced with obstacles at work, and sometimes just going back to work after a holiday can feel like a challenge. We might be faced with a backlog of work, new targets or systems, or looming deadlines – alongside all the usual criticism, office politics and pressures from our personal lives.

The good news is that we can change our natural responses by boosting our resilience and improving the way we react to stress.

7. How to create a “master” resume

Got your resume looking perfect?

Wrong! In fact, your resume should never look perfect. It should be a living document that shifts and changes for almost every job that you apply for.

A master resume is simply a document that lists all your details in one place. The document should contain your skills, qualifications such as short courses you’ve completed, accomplishments, projects you’ve worked on and experiences. The document can be as long as you’d like and aims to help you create a tailored resumes depending on the position you’re applying for.

8. Four common mistakes that could ruin your chances in a job interview

Imagine you get to the interview and, despite being highly qualified and motivated, you end up not getting the job offer. In spite of your best efforts to made a good impression, the chances are you made one of these four common errors: a failure of perspective taking, narcissism, hubris and humble bragging.

To avoid the four common errors when trying to make a positive impression, let’s consider them one by one to understand why they are unsuccessful.

9. Seven successful steps to find your dream job

The first people we often go to for advice in our job hunting are those who already have jobs. Unfortunately, those are the very people who haven’t had to apply for a job for some time.

The very techniques that got them to their positions, particularly our parents, are techniques that don’t work today. It’s often hard to believe, but many of our forebears didn’t have to write a resume, have never applied online for a role, and thought that psychological testing was ever only for clinical cases!

10. Four ways your name can affect your job prospects

What’s in a name? A lot, according to research. Your name can have a huge influence on your prospects in life. Much of this is due to bias, stereotyping and other rules of thumb that people employ when making judgements about others.

But even if you don’t disclose these features on your CV, our names can suggest much about us. Here are four ways your name can affect your job prospects.


Have a safe and happy holiday and a great start to 2020 from the team at EthicalJobs.com.au!


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