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Disability support workers: get ready for your next job with this free training resource

A new online training resource has been launched to help prepare disability support workers for the massive changes the sector is already undergoing – and it’s available now, for free.

The resource – called “Every Moment Has Potential” – is a five-module online course all about “Person Centred Active Support”, and was developed by Greystanes Disability Services and La Trobe University.

If you’re already working in a disability job, you’ve probably heard a lot about “person-centred” or “self-directed” approaches lately – which are a significant part of the sector’s planning for the future.

But if you’re not quite sure, “Every Moment Has Potential” sums up Person Centred Active Support like this:

“Person Centred Active Support is a way of working that enables everyone, no matter what their level of intellectual or physical disability, to make choices and participate in meaningful activities and social relationships.”

Person-centred care essential for the NDIS

A person centred model of care is one of the cornerstones of the roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) – which is currently pumping billions of dollars into the sector and creating thousands of new disability jobs.

As the Every Australian Counts website points out:

“The buzzword with the NDIS is its “person-centred approach”. That means it’s about services that you [the client with a disability] want or need, not what someone else thinks you need.

Or as one of the people we surveyed put it: “A person-centred approach is when a system is developed around the individual instead of making a basic mould and trying to get everyone to fit into it.”

So, if you’re currently working in the disability sector, or want to work in it, being well-versed in this approach to disability care will be a vital ingredient for your future career.

What you will learn

The resource is intended for disability workers who are already qualified and working in the sector, as a way to enhance their skills and improve the way that they support people.

The training includes a mix of information, activities and learning videos; and at the end of the five modules you should have a good understanding of:

  • The key elements of Person Centred Active Support;
  • The skills you need to practice Person Centred Active Support in your workplace; and
  • Some of the many positive outcomes for people with a disability that occur when support workers use Person Centred Active Support.

The resource is well-grounded in international research including that of the late Professor Jim Mansell and Dr Julie Beadle-Brown, who together first developed the person-centred approach to disability care.

How to get started

Simply head to the website, read the introductory page, and then when you’re ready, get started with module one.


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