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Career Journeys: Katrina Dunnett takes action and makes a real difference

People find amazing jobs on EthicalJobs.com.au every day. This is part of a series of articles that go behind the scenes to meet some of the people and organisations finding each other through EthicalJobs.com.au. 

Today’s story is from Katrina Dunnett, who found her role as Digital Content and Marketing Officer at FareShare on EthicalJobs.com.au. 

FareShare rescues surplus food and cooks free, nutritious meals for people doing it tough. 

Starting out with work

I grew up on a busy berry farm in North East Victoria. Some of my earliest memories are selling fruit from our farm gate store after school – I was so small I’d have to peak over the benchtop to serve customers. These were the days before technology that would sum totals so to this day my $4.50 and $8 math is like second nature. 

From locals to tourists, my childhood was always full of people from all walks of life. We even had backpackers in and out of our house, temporarily living with us – our dinner table was long and loud.  

After finishing school, I moved to Melbourne to begin studying Graphic Design and Business. Quickly, I realised my interest in Business was greater than Graphic Design, so I let it go to focus solely on the one degree. Luckily, I was able to gain enough design skills in that time to help me in my career today. While studying, I fell into a full-time marketing role that saw me drop my study back to part-time. I love practical learning and thrived off being able to apply my studies in real life and get hands-on experience.   

To me, education and experience is freedom. I am aware of my privilege to have such endless access and ability to pursue both and hope in the future through the work of charities such as FareShare more people do.

Previously I have worked in an array of different industries, including FMCG and Print Media, predominately in marketing roles.

I adore marketing for its boundless creative capacity and ability to be used as a tool to have an impact and generate meaningful conversations. I’ve been lucky to have had supportive workplaces that have led me to where I am today through encouraging learning and career development. 

More recently, I had an extra unique experience – making it as a contestant on MasterChef Season 13!

Working at FareShare

FareShare rescues surplus food and cooks free, nutritious meals for people in need. Our cooked meals do more than fill empty bellies – they feed the soul as well as the body by showing that somebody cares.

Unlike past roles where I would need to think up content, FareShare has never-ending stories – and it’s my job to share them. I spend a lot of time speaking with people and am constantly inspired by what I hear and see. From our kitchens to the recipients of our meals, I get to see first-hand the action our organisation is taking and the meaningful impact it is having. 

Along with managing our channels and gathering content, there are always small and big projects to work on, be it creating a campaign for an upcoming fundraising event or designing branded documents. 

Working for a predominately volunteer-run organisation means no day is the same, and sometimes you need to do what’s most important at that moment – my favourite thing is rolling up my sleeves to lend a hand in our bustling kitchen, as an avid cook myself I admire the creativity of our chefs for their ability to make such beautiful and delicious meals with limited ingredients. 

Every day is rewarding at FareShare – it’s an incredibly hopeful place overflowing with generosity and spirit. 

I don’t think it gets much better than seeing food that would otherwise go to waste cooked into thousands of meals for people in need. It’s a pretty special thing and I feel so grateful to be a cog in the FareShare wheel.

Working for a better world

EthicalJobs.com.au has been my go-to job search site for a long time. The first role I got through EthicalJobs.com.au was a Marketing Assistant position for Cancer Council when I lived in Northern NSW. 

My career goal is to be in a position with purpose, where I can take action and make a real difference – EthicalJobs.com.au has always been the place to look.

When I first saw the Digital Officer role advertised, I knew it was my dream job – I was so excited to apply. Incredibly passionate about growing awareness around the lack of resources available and accessible to vulnerable communities, to work at FareShare couldn’t have been more of a match to how I wanted to apply my skills. 

Having a genuine passion and aligning values is critical – there are lots of incredible ethical jobs out there, be selective and thoughtful about what kind of role is best suited to you. Not only will it make a difference to your career fulfilment, but it’ll also ensure you’re doing the best for society with the potential for the most impact. 

If you find a job that has you written all over it, apply, and put in the work – justify why the job is for you.