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“Be resilient, persevere and keep the faith!” Eliarne Iezzi on how she survived multiple rejections to land her dream job at Teach for Australia

People find amazing jobs on EthicalJobs.com.au every day. This is part of a series of blog posts that go behind the scenes to meet some of the people and organisations finding each other through EthicalJobs.com.au.

Today’s story is from Eliarne Iezzi, who found her job as a Program Officer at Teach for Australia on EthicalJobs.com.au.

Based in Melbourne, Teach for Australia works to confront educational disadvantage by transforming outstanding graduates into exceptional teachers and inspirational leaders. It employs staff in areas including recruitmentadministration and program development.

Starting out at work . . .

My first paid job was at an arts and crafts gift store when I was 14. Due to my very clumsy nature I think I ended up breaking more things than I sold!

I studied journalism at university. I’ve always loved people and writing, and excelled in English at school so it seemed like the perfect choice.

While it wasn’t the career path I ended up pursuing, I think journalism gave me a great base, and the ability to communicate effectively and creatively across a broad range of audiences, media and industries.

After finishing my degree I landed a job at a newspaper but found news-writing to be a little lacklustre. I’ve since worked as a group editor for a boutique publishing company, a communications coordinator for a property developer, a senior media adviser in the not-for-profit sector – I even did a stint as a lab technician for a niche perfumery!

Then I did a long travel stint and decided the not-for-profit sector was where I really wanted to be.

Knowing I wanted to focus my energy on finding a job in the not-for-profit sector, I struggled to find a job site that specifically catered to that – until I found EthicalJobs.com.au! I wanted to find a role, as clichéd as it sounds, where I was making a difference and EthicalJobs.com.au gave me that perfectly tailored offering.

Teaching for Australia

Teach For Australia is an innovative non-profit organisation and part of a global movement dedicated to developing leadership in classrooms and communities to ensure all children achieve their potential.

We recruit Australia’s future leaders and inspire, connect and empower them to a lifetime of action, tackling educational disadvantage – activated by the classroom. Our vision is of an Australia where all children, regardless of background, attain an excellent education.

Teaching is something I’ve considered a few times throughout my own career. I was blessed with some incredible teachers who really opened my eyes to the possibilities of the world and my potential, and as a result I was the first in my family to finish school and graduate university. I was so inspired by Teach for Australia’s mission, and I knew I wanted to join the passionate souls who are impacting the lives of so many.

Im the Program Officer for Teach to Lead, a leadership development program for existing teachers, incubated by Teach for Australia. Teach to Lead seeks to radically lift the leadership capability of great teachers committed to addressing educational disadvantage, who can drive change and innovation in the education system, and improve school and student outcomes.

I’m responsible for the program’s delivery and evaluation through a range of activities, including Teach to Lead’s attraction and selection of candidates, and communications with participating fellows and schools. I also support our program director and program delivery and coaching manager with selected aspects of participants’ learning and evaluation.

Why work for a better world?

My grandparents came to Australia as immigrants and sacrificed everything to give their family a better opportunity. This motivated me from an early age.

We spend so much of our time and energy working, for me it was important to find a job that gave me a sense of purpose, where I could use my skills and experience to make a valuable contribution.

It took me quite a while to find this role – I spent hours and hours sending off applications and had a heap of rejections along the way but I learnt it’s important to back yourself.

If you’re struggling to find your dream job, keep the faith! Be resilient and persevere – if you don’t get the job you applied for it’s probably because it wasn’t the right fit for you anyway. I’m sure there is a better opportunity waiting for you just around the corner!

Thanks, Eliarne!

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