What are employers saying about EthicalJobs.com.au?

Organisations large and small from all corners of Australia employ their best, most passionate staff through advertising on EthicalJobs.com.au. Here's a selection of their feedback:


"Not-for-profit organisations often find recruitment difficult. With EthicalJobs.com.au we find that not only do we save money, but also time. A candidate application received through EthicalJobs.com.au is 90% more likely to go through to interview stage as opposed applications received from other larger, more expensive job boards. With EthicalJobs.com.au it is all about quality of the candidate, as opposed to the quantity of applications received. Most of our managers have now moved away from major job boards."

– Cassandra Metlege, The Smith Family


I enjoy placing our advertisements on EthicalJobs.com.au - the level of service is truly exceptional with friendly and helpful support. As a not-for-profit organisation providing a range of services to the community, we get excellent candidates in keeping with the nature of the applicants who visit this site. I have noticed that the final selection of candidates more often than not involves at least one candidate from the EthicalJobs.com.au source. I highly recommend using EthicalJobs.com.au, it spells quality.

– Nandita Radhakrishnan, VincentCare Victoria


We've recently had two hires from EthicalJobs.com.au! A Social Worker, and our fundraising role - very pleased with that.  We’re also sitting on about 80% of applicants via EthicalJobs.com.au making it to shortlist.

– Melina Saunders, Anglican Church &  Anglicare Southern Queensland


We have just recently recruited our first staff member using EthicalJobs.com.au and as a small organisation the quality of applicants, the wonderful customer service and lower-than-most price point made the recruitment process so much easier.

- Erin McCabe, Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation


We’re always really impressed with the quality of applicants we get from EthicalJobs.com.au, as well as the friendly and personal service we’ve received from the EthicalJobs.com.au team. They interact with our placements in ways that other advertisers don’t, with suggestions to improve the level of interest in the role. The website looks great and is well designed and easy to navigate.

– Daniel Lucas, St Vincent de Paul Society NSW


Quality rather than quantity is every recruiters dream. EthicalJobs.com.au has become the most cost-effective job board we use, compared to some of the larger job boards which are approximately 3.5 times more expensive. Since 1 January 2015, 19.4% of successful candidates have been sourced via EthicalJobs.com.au, where none have come through larger job boards. The volume of quality candidates we receive through EthicalJobs.com.au is surpassed by none.

- Bree James, The Fred Hollows Foundation


The Benevolent Society has used EthicalJobs.com.au for numerous recruitment listings over a long period of time. This is because the applicants are far more relevant and of a much higher standard than other online options. It is also a pleasure dealing with the staff at EthicalJobs.com.au as they are very warm, attentive and professional. All in all, these things make our very busy job so much easier! Thanks so much! We’ll keep sending through the jobs and you keep posting them!

– K Jackson, The Benevolent Society


The ASRC has been advertising with EthicalJobs.com.au for over 5 years and it is always our first site of choice due to the number and quality of candidates that our job ads generate.  The majority of our new hires have come through EthicalJobs.com.au.  The friendly and professional service is also greatly appreciated and we have enjoyed our working relationship.

- Naomi Fennell, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre


It is great to partner with EthicalJobs.com.au for our recruitment needs. EthicalJobs.com.au provides us with a value for money recruitment platform – applicants are more likely to be shortlisted for positions, and have an excellent values and culture match. We spend less time reviewing unsuitable applications, receive quality applicants, and the service from the friendly EthicalJobs.com.au team is second to none.  They even assist with promotion on social media, which further promotes both our organisation and the positions vacant.

- Pamela Weatherill, Bravehearts

We have had such a great experience with EthicalJobs.com.au, both in terms of the fantastic customer support we receive and the quality of applications we receive. We recommend EthicalJobs.com.au to other organisations in our sector and I have sent several friends who are looking for work here too.

– Heather Walker, YWCA Australia


We regularly use the EthicalJobs.com.au website when recruiting and have done for a number of years now. We always get a high standard of applications, along with a great level of service from the staff at EthicalJobs.com.au.

- Rebecca Leonard, Médecins Sans Frontières


I've had the pleasure of working with EthicalJobs.com.au since the time of their commencement many years ago. I used them for job advertising while I was working for a few employers within non-profit and Local Government sectors. The professional approach combined with their outstanding service has been second to none. The account managers and support staff have always been extremely helpful and gone out of their way to assist our needs at all times required.

– Dulip Jayakody, Manningham City Council


Our last volunteer ad on EthicalJobs.com.au was a roaring success with over 70 applicants effectively quadrupling our volunteer base - what an AMAZING platform EthicalJobs.com.au is!

- Mark Pershin, Less Meat Less Heat


I hope that EthicalJobs.com.au continues to thrive and flourish. It’s a fantastic service for those of us searching for smart, motivated and passionate people.

– Anna Molan, Justice Connect


I receive more quality responses from EthicalJobs.com.au listings than from any other sources. I can't promote it enough to colleagues and friends!

- Andrew Mellody, YMCA Victoria


All I have to say is that I’m impressed! As an experienced headhunter I had largely given up on job boards ... until I came across EthicalJobs.com.au. My experience to date with mass market job boards has been appalling — countless applications and not one qualified or relevant candidate, especially for jobs within the third sector. EthicalJobs.com.au, however, has shifted my mindset and reaffirmed to me that good candidates are still out there!

The numbers say it all: I recently received roughly 30 applications for a role from a mass market job board and not one was worth an interview. I also received about 20 applications through EthicalJobs.com.au and nearly 75% of these candidates were qualified and relevant for the role at hand. I truly never expected to see such a great result.

– Zach Littlefield, Spark Strategy


EthicalJobs.com.au has been providing a quality service to Marist Youth Care for years. We receive excellent turn around time to any queries we may have, we gain a large quantity of applicants applying from EthicalJobs.com.au. We will continue to rely on EthicalJobs.com.au to promote and advertise our vacancies as we are always happy with the results and service we are provided.

- Kirsty Orphin, Marist Youth Care

EthicalJobs.com.au is my first and often my only place I advertise roles. It is easy to use, great value for money and always delivers quality candidates.

– Maxine Bartlett, ReachOut.com by Inspire Foundation


We love advertising through EthicalJobs.com.au and now do all of our advertising through you. We know we get people who really want to work in our industry and are passionate about working in the NFP sector.

– Clare Guilfoyle, Grow


The Australian Council of Trade Unions uses EthicalJobs.com.au to advertise our vacant positions on a regular basis. They are terrific to deal with, with competitive rates to advertise. We regularly survey applicants about where they found our job advertised and more and more people seem to go to EthicalJobs.com.au to find roles underpinned by strong social justice values, including those working in the Australian trade union movement.

– Gemma Pinnell, ACTU


Thank you for being such an amazing like-minded organisation… we have found so many of our incredible staff through your services.  We are your BIGGEST fan !!!!

- Matt Wilson, The Adara Group

EthicalJobs.com.au provides effective and positive support to recruitment professionals in the not for profit sector. Their customer service is outstanding and we never feel we're just another customer. Having utilised EthicalJobs.com.au for nearly two years, we've benefited from the high quality applications their site provides, as well as the value for money packages we've used. We're very proud of our association with EthicalJobs.com.au and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

- Tay Winchester, Multicultural Development Association (MDA) QLD


The two jobs that we advertised through EthicalJobs.com.au over the Xmas/ New Year period received an outstanding number of applicants. I have spoken with a number of the applicants and they all sound like enthusiastic and talented people, so the formula is working!

- Louise Laing, Communify Queensland

We had a great response, and have been suitably embarrassed by the qualities of the prospective applicants.

– Kevin Goodworth, P & Cs Queensland


We received just under 50 applications, the quality of the applications was very high and we have recruited someone from the process. Most people were suitably experienced and had surprisingly high level qualifications. I guess that's a reflection of the skill set of people that use your site. Everyone took the time to respond to the requested information and we didn't receive any junk applications.

- Jillian Keyser, SKIP - Support Kids in Pain, Queensland


STARTTS has used EthicalJobs.com.au for over three years to place numerous recruitment listings.

The three main reasons for this are: applicants are far more relevant and of a much higher standard than other online options, as our service is very specific; easy to advertise because I just need to contact Peter who is a pleasure to deal with and always helpful; and, the price is unbeatable.

These things make my job so much easier! Thanks so much for the great service you provide!

– Silvia Lopez, STARTTS

EthicalJobs.com.au has been a successful advertising source for us, and we look forward to continuing that in 2015.

– Dominic Gordon, VACCA


EthicalJobs.com.au has been a very important channel for us to find the right talents for Ovarian Cancer Australia. Your work has been so invaluable to us!

– Diana Liu, Ovarian Cancer Australia


At the Finance Sector Union we find that most of our job applicants come though EthicalJobs.com.au. We find that the type of applicants we get through this method really understand our organisation. EthicalJobs.com.au is definitely the best bang for buck for recruiting in the Not for Profit sector.

- Grant Forsyth, Finance Sector Union of Australia


The NTEU National Office uses EthicalJobs.com.au to advertise our vacant positions on a regular basis. We have been very pleased with the quality of applicants we have received from their website and can highly recommend EthicalJobs.com.au for advertising Trade Union positions.  We have also found the staff to be extremely friendly, whether communicating by phone or email, and they are always there to answer queries and provide support where necessary. A very happy customer.

- Joanne Riley, National Tertiary Education Industry Union (NTEU) National Office

We have found a fantastic Personal Assistant/Team Coordinator, who we were very fortunate to have found through EthicalJobs.com.au. Thank you for your ever-friendly and prompt assistance and support.

– Sharon Stratton, The School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia


We have had so many wonderful applicants, so your audience really hit the target with who we are looking for. At present we are interviewing a very high calibre of people.

– Jessica Purbrick-Herbst, VATMI Group


As a new agency we are impressed with the standard of applicants responding to our advertisements. Well done to you guys. Thank goodness we won’t have to sift through 100’s of automated applications in the future. Great site and we love it.

– Karen Merrin, Tenancy WA


I have used EthicalJobs.com.au in the last 5 recruitment rounds I have managed across two organisations, and we have found that the applicants tended to be much more appropriate than those referred through other job sites. The result is that more often than not, we have also tended to interview and recruit applicants that have come via EthicalJobs.com.au

– Catherine Francetich, Yfoundations


We were very happy with the EthicalJobs.com.au website and found that it was the quality of the candidates rather than the quantity that was most impressive. Your website definitely channelled applicants who were a good 'fit' for our Centre and we were very happy with the response. I will definitely recommend your website to others.

- Donna Humphrey, The Brook RED Centre


I just wanted to send a quick email to say how impressed I am with the whole EthicalJobs.com.au process!

We have received very strong applications through your website and we are very confident that we have found a candidate that can contribute to our team and our project.

I wouldn't hesitate to advertise with you again and I feel that the extra value option that I chose was extremely helpful.

- Emily Scarff, BeFriend (WA)


We got a huge response. I found that we have been getting a bigger response from your website rather than the big job sites. We will continue to use you for future positions.

– Michelle Fuller, Rotary International


Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know we received some excellent candidates from EthicalJobs.com.au. Of all the places we posted our jobs I definitely received the most high quality applicants from your site. Congratulations! We will definitely be posting our future positions with you.

– Merryn Clancy, Car Next Door


We had about 80 applications for our Online Community Manager! A lot of them were amazing, solid applications and we've found the perfect person. In future I don't think it'd be worth advertising paid roles on other sites, we will just stick with EthicalJobs.com.au. All the applications that came from you guys were great while people who found us elsewhere weren't as reliable or as stand-out.

- Lauren Markwell, One Girl

We recently advertised for the first time on EthicalJobs.com.au, and greatly appreciated the prompt, friendly customer support we received. We had a great response to our ads. We were impressed by the relevance and quality of the applications we received, and our shortlisted canditates came to us through the site. Many thanks!

- Beth Patchett, SeeBeyondBorders


After success in our last advertisement through EthicalJobs.com.au at finding really great volunteers, Darfur Australia Network (DAN) advertised for Board Members for our Association. We were really pleased to receive applications from worthy candidates and settled on a great Vice President and Secretary for our Association in 10 days of advertising.

- Luse Kinivuwai, Darfur Australia Network


YSAS has been advertising a wide variety of roles on EthicalJobs.com.au since February 2011, from Youth Outreach positions to Clinical Managers and Administration staff. Over this period, EthicalJobs.com.au has consistently sent us passionate, high quality candidates who are a great fit for our organisation. Thank you to the EthicalJobs team!

- Juliana Labarthe, Youth Support & Advocacy Service (YSAS)


It's really hard for me to articulate how awesome the team at EthicalJobs.com.au are, so I'll just say this: they had us with the 'ethical job-site' concept in the early days; but once we got to know them more and were treated to unconditional friendly and prompt service, not to mention the huge amount of targeted traffic they refer to our jobs and website each year (both for international volunteer positions and head office roles in Melbourne), in no uncertain terms I can say we are head over heels for EthicalJobs.com.au.

- Jane Macdonald, Australian Volunteers International


Can I also comment on a recently advertised Project Officer position for Southcity Clinic. The response has been awesome with the clear majority of our respondents citing EthicalJobs.com.au, so thanks guys for you great service.

- Sharon O’Reilly, Southcity Clinic, Bayside Medicare Local


We (and I) LOVE EthicalJobs.com.au. We have had a great response to each of our ads and the people who applied were (in many cases) even over qualified for the job. Regardless of qualification, or pay, people are looking for something that fulfils them in a more substantial way. I think EthicalJobs.com.au has really given these folks a place to look for these types of jobs, and the community is definitely benefiting from it.

- Adam Taylor, Alfalfa House


I’ve been exceptionally happy using EthicalJobs.com.au again this year and also pleased with the quality of applicants we have attracted as a result. I have actually recommended your services to others such as our National Office and I believe they have used you this year too! Whether by phone or email, I can’t fault your service or level of assistance.

- Adrienne Bradley, National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) Victorian Division


We previously spent a lot of money advertising with other mainstream recruitment websites and newspapers. It was the same every time: a fast deluge of non-suitable applicants, hours wasted reading each resume, and then the applications would drop off after a week.

Ethicaljobs.com.au was just the opposite: within hours we started to receive replies from really promising, switched-on applicants, and this continued for the duration of the advertisement. Thanks again for helping us build a stronger and more ethical team at Homemove!

- Vlad Stoikovich, Homemove


We don’t normally advertise our true volunteer roles on paid sites due to the budget, but EthicalJobs.com.au has proven to be quite a successful hit with getting some good applicants and general interest. We already have 3 people confirmed coming [to Tanzania] that we found through EthicalJobs.com.au.

– Jess Klein, School of St Jude's, Tanzania


We were keen to get volunteer support to assist with some new and challenging work. It was easy to place a job ad on EthicalJobs.com.au and I was overwhelmed by the number and quality of responses we received. I thought we might get a few responses, but in the end we were able to assemble a whole volunteer team to take on a range of different tasks. Using EthicalJobs.com.au has been a really positive experience for us.

- Will Mooney, Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (MLDRIN)


Thank you EthicalJobs.com.au. We are very pleased to have found an enthusiastic and appropriate employee for our volunteer Outdoor leader position as a result of your advertisement. We will definitely be in touch when we are recruiting in the future.

- Clare Easton, Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre.


As a volunteer coordinator, advertising with EthicalJobs.com.au has been the most effective way to get a high calibre of committed volunteers. The investment in advertising with EthicalJobs.com.au pays for itself very quickly - not only for the number of applicants we get, but of their calibre and dedication. We have found that EthicalJobs.com.au candidates are more likely than volunteers found through other means to follow through with the training, and go on to make dedicated and highly skilled volunteers.

- Genevieve Anderson, VACRO


Recently we used EthicalJobs.com.au to support a recruitment activity. We received great assistance and advice from the Ethical Jobs team and around half the applicants had seen the job advertised there. Importantly to the business, the successful applicant came throughout EthicalJobs.com.au advertisement and we will ensure our future job posts are placed on Ethical Jobs.

- Stuart Gillespie, Convenience Advertising


I was really pleased with the response we had through EthicalJobs.com.au and will certainly keep you in mind and recommend you to colleagues for any future recruiting.

- Jen Wyness, Volunteering WA


We have recently (thankfully) filled the Volunteer Coordinator position. I short-listed 7 candidates, and 4 of those 7 came to us through EthicalJobs.com.au. So it was a pretty terrific strike rate.

- Patrick Hall, Dogs' Refuge Home (WA)


We've had a great response to our Account Manager/Account Executive ad, which is wonderful. All of our shortlisted candidates have come through EthicalJobs.com.au :) It's been great – you get people with motivations that match our company's values, which is exactly what we're after.

- Kate Drewitt Smith, flat earth direct


Just wanted to let you know we’ve had about 18 applications through EthicalJobs.com.au and our shortlist is made up entirely of applicants through your site. A great result!

- Sarah Garnett, The Benjamin Andrew Footpath Library


We were very impressed with the response we received from ethical job-seekers. The calibre of applications was so high that we decided not to advertise elsewhere.

- Caitlin Wheeler, Chalk & Fitzgerald - Lawyers & Consultants


We have posted several positions on EthicalJobs.com.au over the last year and most recently were contacted by a wonderful applicant who is now successfully working with us and raising funds for our charity clients. We always seem to get a better quality application as a result of posting on EthicalJobs.com.au from people who understand the field and get what we do. The team at EthicalJobs.com.au are really helpful and accommodating too. Great site, great service and great outcome for us.

- Lisa Cory, Cornucopia Fundraising


We definitely get a better fit of applicants for the organisation through EthicalJobs.com.au - so much so that we don't bother advertising with the big job sites any more.

- Megan David, Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi Aboriginal Corporation


We're very grateful that we have found a fantastic new staff member via your website. EthicalJobs.com.au helps us reach a pool of candidates that we normally don't reach, and it's been really beneficial for our agency.

- Chantelle Ogilvie-Ellis, Justice and Peace Office, Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney

I am so pleased to be working with EthicalJobs.com.au. The placement of roles on this site has increased our talent pool and improved the type of candidates seeking roles with Link Health and Community. I find Maddy so helpful and friendly. I can with confidence recommend EthicalJobs.com.au.

- David Amesbury, Link Health and Community


I am writing to let you know that we received most of our applicants from your website, and  that the calibre of applicant was outstanding! It’s been a real struggle to do the shortlist, and I want to thank you and your colleagues for your support during the time of my setting up the ad. I have been impressed with your efficiency and accessibility.

- General Manager, Radio for Print Handicapped of NSW Co-Operative Ltd


3CR have had an excellent response from advertising our vacant positions on EthicalJobs.com.au. It's great to be able to advertise directly to people who are wanting to work for an ethical organisation. The best response we have had for any job is still the Office and Finance Coordinator (60 applicants) and we can thank EthicalJobs.com.au for the wonderful Helen who has been doing a fabulous job in this role for the past year.

- Loretta O'Brien, 3CR Community Radio


We had over 60 applications for the position of Certification Officer at Fairtrade ANZ which we advertised first on EthicalJobs.com.au. There were a large number of high quality candidates so we finished with a very strong short list, all of whom, (except an internal application from Fairtrade UK), came to us through EthicalJobs.com.au. We have used the site on several occasions this year and will continue to do so for future positions. It is the best site for jobs in our sector.

– Nicholas Tabart, Fair Trade Australia-New Zealand


Thank you to EthicalJobs.com.au for leading our newest recruit to us! Maternity leave replacement positions are always hard to fill, especially in the Marketing and Fundraising arena, but this one was a breeze . . . We have been using EthicalJobs.com.au to advertise all vacant positions for the last year or so and have always found a large volume of high calibre candidates through this channel. Thank you for helping to make my job an easier one.

- Meagan Downie, Ardoch Youth Foundation


Recruiting good, experienced volunteers is always a challenge. In the past few months, thanks to EthicalJobs.com.au, we have filled 3 key volunteer positions (grant writer, web editor, and annual report editor) with applicants of professional quality and experience. I am delighted and amazed at the number and quality of applications we receive when our volunteer positions are posted with EthicalJobs.com.au.

- Nicky Reiss, Humanitarian Crisis Hub

This is the third time our organisation has utilised the services of EthicalJobs.com.au. With the last position we advertised I decided to also use the services of a larger, well known agency. What a total waste of time I should have stuck with EthicalJobs.com.au who really understand the not for profit “world”. The quality of applications was far superior as well as the personalised service. I continue to promote EthicalJobs.com.au throughout all my networks . . . well done Peter and the team!!!

- Carol Croce, Childwise


Thank you EthicalJobs.com.au for your assistance in helping us fill our Admin Officer role. We received a number of high quality applications and ended up appointing an applicant who applied through your website. We also advertised on another larger jobs site (which cost three times as much) and we received only standard and generic applications which clearly were not interested in our role at all. These are time consuming to wade through and none of these were offered an interview. From now on we will only be advertising on the EthicalJobs.com.au website.

– Shayla Strapps, Claisebrook Lotteries House Association


I can’t thank EthicalJobs.com.au enough for finding the best candidate for our Policy & Research Officer position. We are delighted with the successful applicant who came through EthicalJobs.com.au as opposed to many mismatched applicants we received through another jobs site. The process to advertise was made really easy too unlike other online sites. I would definitely use EthicalJobs.com.au again when I am recruiting for staff who have the right skills and attitude for our organisation.

- Paul Johnson, Aged Care Queensland


In the past 12 months we have advertised several positions with EthicalJobs.com.au and a range of other media outlets. We have been surprised by the number of high quality applications who identified they saw the position on the EthicalJobs.com.au website.  In fact, we have appointed two recent applicants from EthicalJobs.com.au to permanent positions with the organisation. Whenever we recruit, EthicalJobs.com.au is the first place we advertise.

- Terry Kirkpatrick, Mental Health Association NSW


It was your ad which resulted in our recruiting an excellent manager for an important project we are running. At the time of placing the ad I was impressed by your friendly and efficient service. Rest assured I will use EthicalJobs.com.au for future recruiting.

- Will Mollison, Families ACT


The dust has settled after our recruitment frenzy and it's time for me to sing your praises once again. After interviewing our shortlist I was tempted to write something along the lines of "How very dare you provide us with three wonderfully overqualified people for a position - now I won't have any sleep while trying to figure out which one has the edge". We had 42 responses in the fortnight of advertising and only 3 of them came via other channels than EthicalJobs.com.au. Our shortlist were entirely sourced via you, and we're very happy with our new addition to the team. Still sad we couldn't hire all three though!

- Maaike Pullar, The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre Co-op

I found the EthicalJobs.com.au website a valuable approach to recruiting. It's easy, economic and reached a group of potential applicants that were very suited to the role we were seeking to fill. The applicants were of a high standard and I filled role within 2 weeks of advertising it.  Thanks for your service.

- Maria Simonelli, Climate Positive


We were very, very happy with the response we got to our ad (in respect of both the number, and the calibre, of applicants) and we attribute much of the interest to your website.  We’ll definitely be using your site to advertise future positions!

– Jess Feehely, Tasmanian Association of Community Legal Centres

We not only found an Education/Events Officer through EthicalJobs.com.au, but in fact created a new position for another outstanding applicant. Both were fantastic candidates, with great experience and a passion for environmental education.

– Arron Wood, Firestarter Pty Ltd and the Kids Teaching Kids Program


EthicalJobs.com.au listed an administrative support position for Green Cross Australia and we were delighted that Ahri Tallon, one of the bright sparks from AYCC, applied for the job. We ended up hiring Ahri not for admin support - but to lead our youth environmental education effort. We could not be happier - and we can't wait for our young environmental primary school leaders to be infused with Ahri's enthusiasm and commitment to environmental values.

Thank you Ethical Jobs!!!

– Mara Bun, Green Cross Australia


I purchased a listing on EthicalJobs.com.au as part of a mix of channels including my own networks and social media. I chose EthicalJobs.com.au over larger job sites as I wanted it to act as a filter. I was looking for someone with the right ethics, not someone adding it to the application because they want any job.

The team from EthicalJobs.com.au worked with me to refine my listing to increase its effectiveness from their extensive knowledge. This consultation alone paid for the listing as my listing was much better after working with them.

The important result was that of my various channels, EthicalJobs.com.au produced both the highest number and quality of leads.

– Glenn Todd, Dvize Creative


We had three great candidates short-listed, two of which came via EthicalJobs.com.au. We'll definitely use EthicalJobs.com.au again in the future.

Daniel Featherstone, Indigenous Remote Communications Association (IRCA)


We are delighted with your ongoing professional service and we are thrilled that a recent successful candidate for a Fundraising role at Caritas Australia was sourced through EthicalJobs.com.au.

– Heather Tooth, Caritas Australia


Very impressed with your website - It's our preferred site to advertise vacancies on and your staff are fantastic  - keep up the great work!

– Sharni MacDonald, St Kilda Youth Service


We recently found our Development Manager through EthicalJobs.com.au, and are delighted to have found her! We only advertised through EthicalJobs.com.au and so this is a great result. Thank you so much for your assistance, you made the process very efficient for us.

– Sarah Ison, OAM, The Girls & Boys Brigade


EthicalJobs.com.au has been great for us with our last two job vacancies. The site is easy to use and effective in its focus, which can be seen clearly through the applicants that have applied for our positions. The customer service is also focused and personal, which is something you don't get on other job sites.  Our newest addition to the team saw the job on EJ, and we'll be more than happy to use the site again in the future!

– Steve Lamattina, Music Outback Foundation


No need to thank us for using EthicalJobs.com.au - it's a fantastic service and the candidates who apply for our positions are always of the highest caliber.

– Kathie Hewitt, Nature Conservation Council of NSW


The newest addition to our team needed to be someone who was passionate about social change. Advertising on EthicalJobs.com.au gave us access to a community of people searching for exactly those kind of opportunities. It provided a great talking point in the application process, and provided us with great applicants- including the candidate we hired!

- Murray Bunton, Streetline Media


I'm delighted to tell you that the staff member we hired 3 months ago came through our advertising with EthicalJobs.com.au and is working out extremely well.

– Dr Genevieve Nelson, Kokoda Track Foundation


I just want to let you know that I posted [an ad] on EthicalJobs.com.au and have received a fantastic number of candidates, some of which have been of a very high calibre. The best thing about it is that I've received quite the variety of applicants, which, for a role like ours, is awesome. I think you guys did an awesome job with your customer service and I'm really pleased.

- Rupal Amin, Andable


CASSE was very impressed with the standard of the candidates found through EthicalJobs.com.au. Apparently two thirds of our applicants came through your website, and there was a significant difference between their applications and those of the other candidates who reached us through the big job sites. So that's fantastic news, and a sure sign that we will be using EthicalJobs.com.au for our employment needs in the future. The candidate we ended up selecting also saw the ad on EthicalJobs.com.au. Congratulations to you and your team for providing such an excellent service,

- Georgina Adams, CASSE Australia - Creating a Safe Supportive Environment


To give you some feedback on a recent job we had advertised on your website, we had a fantastic response to the ad and received several applications.  We will certainly be using your website to place future job ads.

- Dave Corby, Youth Coalition of the ACT


When CSI needed to hire a new member of the management team, a Communications and Marketing Manager, we posted the job ad on EthicalJobs.com.au. We received a number of good applications from the site and hired our new staff member from there. The process was smooth and the result highly satisfactory.

– Anne Measday, Centre for Social Impact, UNSW


Climate Positive thanks EthicalJobs.com.au for helping us find our new interim General Manager. We advertised on two other job websites too, however EthicalJobs.com.au had the goods we were looking for. We’d recommend it to other not-for-profits, particularly those in the sustainability sector.

- Danielle Johnston, Climate Positive


We were surprised and delighted at the number of quality applicants we received through EthicalJobs. In a small NGO like Aid/Watch, finding the right person is critical to the organisation and EthicalJobs has made it that much easier. Thank you!

- Sam Porter, Aid/Watch


Ethicaljobs.com.au has been fabulous for us; we find we get fewer applications but almost without exception they are from far more suitable candidates. We’ve had some brilliant candidates apply and it’s fantastic not to get the ”junk” applications that we seem to be inundated with whenever we advertise on mass-market jobs boards. In fact, our success rate has been such that we now use EthicalJobs.com.au as our preferred job board.

- Michelle Spencer, The Heart Foundation


Ethicaljobs.com.au is a tremendous source for job advertising and your follow up emails were greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend your service – fantastic!

– Myra Ng, Oxfam Australia

In our last recruitment process for the Communications & Media Relations Manager position 2 out of our 3 top candidates saw the ad for the job first on your website. This is an incredible outcome.

- Malte Bode, Greenpeace Australia Pacific


Because of your site we found a candidate who genuinely cares about our cause, is dedicated to the work we do, and is a great fit for our organisation. I would happily recommend EthicalJobs.com.au to other NGOs and not-for-profits looking for a job board that can cater to their unique needs.

- Susanna Bradshaw, Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife


Advertising on EthicalJobs.com.au enabled us to access exactly the type of applicants we were seeking:passionate, competent and socially conscious. When PROJECT ROCKIT is next recruiting staff, EthicalJobs.com.au will be our first port of call.



We are interviewing 5 applicants and they all came from EthicalJobs.com.au. So many wonderful prospects for our organisation. I look forward to a time when everyone wants to have a listing on EthicalJobs.com.au, until then you certainly have our custom!

- Lisa Craig, Peel Community Legal Centre


Just a quick thank you to everyone at EthicalJobs.com.au for all your help this year. We have recruited some great staff by advertising on your website.

- Rob Alessi, Community and Public Sector Union


We’ve found EthicalJobs.com.au to be a brilliant resource for sourcing engaged, committed and enthusiastic staff.

- Lisa Wollerman, Bush Heritage Australia


The candidates were great. I cannot tell you exactly, but of the 50 or so who applied, I would think 75% were through your website. We did end up appointing someone who came through your website, so thankyou!

- Maree Nutt, RESULTS International (Australia)


We were fortunate to find our recent Policy and Public Affairs recruit from your site.  I think your domain is a wonderful initiative for the community sector, and I can assure you, we have been spreading the word around about EthicalJobs.com.au.

- Melissa Bennett, Community Housing Federation of Victoria


We recently advertised 2 positions through your website and got some really great applicants for both including the successful candidate for one of the positions.

- Mandi Scott, RMIT Student Union


The response was excellent, and I hired someone who applied through your site.

- Belinda Kerslake, Media Access Australia


You will be pleased to know that our preferred candidate who has accepted the position came to TAD through your advertisement. She was outstanding at the interviews. Very pleased you talked me into using your site.

- Mark Lees, Technical Aid to the Disabled NSW


I actually found my job for the Darfur Australia Network through EthicalJobs.com.au - so thank you very much for being part of that process! I have now been in my position as Director of the Darfur Australia Network for 3 months and know that if we need staff, EthicalJobs.com.au is there to provide us with the right kind of people.

- Sherona Parkinson, Darfur Australia Network


Good news: we have today appointed an applicant who has exactly the skills I was looking for - and she came from your website - very pleased. She'll be based in Ballarat so a win for regional Victoria! Really happy with the outcome, your site is such a brilliant idea for attracting people with the right skills and (as importantly) mindset for NFPs.

- Madeline Townsend, Conservation Volunteers


EthicalJobs.com.au has assisted Marist Youth Care immensely in the sense of the many wonderful workers (i.e. Caseworkers and Youth Workers) we have employed through receiving their applications from advertisements placed on Ethicaljobs.com.au. And what an easy service and website to navigate around.

- Debbie Evans, Marist Youth Care


I am sure you will be pleased to hear that the candidate St James Ethics Centre has recently appointed for our earlier advertised role – Resource Officer, Responsible Business Practice - came through to us via the EthicalJobs.com.au website. Thanks so much for assisting to facilitate this

- Sarah Davidson, St James Ethics Centre


Advertising positions on EthicalJobs.com.au has provided us with a great range of experienced and appropriate applicants. UNIFEM Australia has successfully filled two positions through EthicalJobs.com.au in the past year, and we intend to continue to use their services into the future.

- Madeleine Firth, UN Women Australia


We’re delighted by the people we sourced through EthicalJobs.com.au during our last recruitment – both great candidates who’ve already made a real contribution to our organisation.  I often recommend EthicalJobs.com.au to my peers in the sector as it’s guaranteed to give you access to a pool of relevant candidates. We’re also consistently impressed by the level of service offered by the EthicalJobs.com.au team.

- Susan Humphries, COTA NSW


The response has been perfect. 23 applicants, and we plan to interview 4, any of whom could do the job, so we are very happy. We will most certainly use EthicalJobs.com.au again, without a doubt.

- Barbara Champion, Play Australia


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