community tops 50,000

Posted on 02 Aug, 2012 community tops 50,000

50,000 unique visitors in July has doubled our community since last year!

We're proud to announce that in July, saw more than 50,000 unique visitors flock to the website to find "work for a better world".

In the last 12 months, unique visitor numbers have almost exactly doubled, from 26,970 in July 2011, to 53,640 unique visitors in July 2012. The number of pages viewed in a month also rose to over 500,000!

They're great milestones for us, coming just three years after our launch, and they reflect the growing strength in Australia of the desire to see work as much more important than just being about money. For more and more people every day, work is also about a better world.

So a big thanks to all our ethical job-seekers and ethical employers who've helped us to reach this point - we can't wait for 100,000!