helps raise $54,530 for the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation

Posted on 02 Aug, 2019

Did you know that every two months, chooses one special not-for-profit organisation and matches, dollar for dollar, any donation from you, the community – up to $25,000?!

Over June and July, we came together to donate more that $54,000 to the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) which is working to break the the cycle of illiteracy and disadvantage by giving Indigenous kids in the APY Lands the opportunity to write their own bright futures.

Our community donated over $29,530, while matched that with a donation of $25,000, to bring our total donations to $54,530. has been making donations back to small charities since being founded as a social enterprise in 2009 – this is the 101th organisation that we've supported!

By matching our community's generous donations, dollar for dollar, we’re able to provide more support to selected charities and organisations, and encourage more community members to find out about and get involved in important projects across the spectrum of social and environmental issues – as well as doubling the impact of our own donations!

About ALNF

Literacy development is one of the most important indicators of future health, wellbeing and prosperity.

Individuals with high levels of literacy are associated with lower levels of drinking and smoking, as well as higher levels of good mental health, while vulnerability in literacy levels in an individual’s early years is a predictor of limited life opportunities in areas of education, work and access to health care.

ALNF’s flagship Early Language and Literacy Program is expressly designed to optimise the language and literacy outcomes of vulnerable children in their early years.

Through an accredited Certificate IV course, skill-building workshops, resources and mentoring, ALNF provides community members in the APY Lands with effective techniques and learning resources to teach their own children vital foundational language and literacy skills.

The Early Language and Literacy program is offered in both English and the local First Languages of Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara. In this way, ALNF empowers community members to work in their own languages, for their own communities’ needs and, in very practical terms, to support literacy learning in English and First Language.

A whole community approach to literacy development acknowledges the power of education across generations, the role of elders in educating the young, and the vital function that community plays in education and communication.