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Athlete Activist & Lex Athletica's logo

Website & Logo Designer / Developer (Voluntary) - Work from Home

Athlete Activist & Lex Athletica

Athlete Activist and Lex Athletica are in need of logos and websites and are looking for two volunteers who are committed to seeing these projects to completion. We are registered non profits and happy to work with university students or those looking to support our organisations.

Athlete Activist is an international coalition of elite Professional and Olympic athletes building an athlete-centred movement to promote human rights and create positive social change in our sport and societies.

Our Purpose:

  1. Secure and protect the human rights of all athletes globally,
  2. Build the capacity of athletes to impact social change by using the power of sport to leverage humanitarian and rights outcomes in our sport and societies, and
  3. Amplify the athlete voice by connecting athletes to each other and the broader human rights movement.

Athletes are unique. We understand their differences, their experiences and their power. We are building a trusted community of athletes working together to support social change and promote human rights. We are doing this by strengthening athletes’ profiles to be changemakers through training, engagement, empowerment, networking, education and mentoring. By building a stronger athlete community and increasing collaboration, Athlete Activist is a connector; creating opportunities to join others who are likeminded and increasing connectedness with social change elsewhere.

Lex Athletica is a group of legal professionals dedicated to improving and protecting the human rights of athletes, from grassroots to elite professionals.

Our purpose is:

  1. Build the capacity of legal professionals to represent athletes’ human rights in a variety of tribunals,
  2. Connect legal professionals around the globe working to promote and protect the human rights of athletes, and
  3. Provide legal advocacy where possible to improve and protect athletes’ human rights.

If you have other skills that you would like to use to support our start up organisations please feel free to reach out with your credentials. We are currently a volunteer organisation and also looking for help in fundraising, social media, foundation support etc.

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