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The latest from Google: All for Good – Social Networking for Volunteers

Some guys from Google (and some foundations etc) have created an
exciting new initiative to encourage volunteering in America and round
the world.  It’s called “All for Good“, and it’s a social networking site for anyone who does or wants to do volunteer work.

The idea of All for Good is to “make it simple to find and
share volunteer activities with friends and family”.  Accordingly, it
allows you to sign up, find volunteer opportunities you like, and share
them with other users both on the site and on other social networking
platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Watch a quick YouTube clip on All for Good here.

It’s only just been set up, so there’s not a lot of content on there
(there’s only one single ad for a position in Australia, for instance),
but it seems to have a lot of potential.

For one, they’re inviting programmers to write applications using
the data on the site.  Some interesting apps might come out of this – there’s a couple of them up on the site already,
including a gadget that lets you browse the volunteer positions from
other sites, and another that lets you search for positions from your
mobile phone.

Looks like one to watch for the future.  In the meantime, check out the volunteer positions listed on this site, or for a wider range, check out the listings at the federal government’s VolunteerSearch site or on Volunteering Australia’s site.

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