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The best career advice you ever got

This week we asked our Facebook community to tell us:

“What’s the best career advice anyone ever gave you?”

And what a response!

We had everything from the deep and meaningful to the cynical to the practical.

Below are some of the most interesting advice.

Firstly, there was the practical:

and the inspirational:

Then there were a few oldies (but goodies):

Of course there was advice on how to dress:

And a also couple of left-of-field suggestions:

We were a little surprised that some responses were a bit cynical:

But we have to admit that the old work-life balance question is indeed a difficult one for anyone wanting to change the world. Everyone needs to find their own equilibrium.

But it was nice to see the alternative view too:

Or finally, you could just take Karen Buckley’s advice, and:

Then you’ll never need to worry about career advice again!

Did you miss your chance to comment on the original post? Never fear: leave your best career advice in the comments below!

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