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How do you make money and change the world at the same time?

“We all want to change the world”, John Lennon famously sang.  But actually doing it is the challenge, especially when trying to also balance the challenges of building a career, and of living and enjoying our lives.

There’s an inspiring new e-book out called How to Make Money and Change the World that aims to help people figure out the balance.  It’s a project of little Canadian group called DreamNow.org and it’s a must-read for any ethical job-seekers who are serious about finding a job that really changes the world. 

(Even though it claims to only be about people in their 20s and 30s, we think there’s heaps of great stuff in here to appeal to people of all ages).

Based on surveys conducted by the book’s authors, it begins by asking 3 questions:

  • What does meaningful employment mean to young people?
  • What barriers do people face when finding a meaningful career?
  • What do people need in order to find balance?

The answer to the first question should strike a chord with anyone who’s been attracted to EthicalJobs.com.au – the answers interviewees gave were:

  1. A connection to the people and world they serve;
  2. A connection to their internal values and passions;
  3. Work which both challenges and engages them.

The book then looks a 5 trends and opportunities for people looking for meaningful work:

  • A non-linear career path
  • The career trade off illusion
  • Providing a space to talk
  • The rise of social entrepreneurship
  • Green collar jobs

But the best parts of the book, if you’re looking for a career that really makes the world a better place, are the sections on “6 Steps to Making Money and Doing Good”, and “6 examples and strategies” for doing so.

We won’t try to summarise these for you – read the book and be inspired yourself!

How to Make Money and Change the World is FREE to download, which you should do right now by clicking here. (And a big thanks to DreamNow.org for making it free and available to anyone!)

And if you do read it, please come back and leave a comment below about what you learned from it . . .

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