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Engineers working to create sustainable, positive change for disadvantaged communities

Are you interested in international aid work and sustainable development? Are you an engineer interested in exploring the ethical volunteer and working opportunities available to you? Then the Engage 2009 conference is for you!

Engage 2009 is Engineers Without Borders (EWB) 4th annual national conference. It represents the premier gathering of engineers working or interested in international aid work, sustainable development, design and technology. This year it will focus on the past, present and future of development, sustainability and technology.

Engage 2009 provides an excellent avenue for career and networking opportunities and an inspiring environment for the exchange of ideas and further learning.

Engage 2009: Past. Present. Future
26th – 28th November 2009
Melbourne, Australia

For further information about the conference and EWB or volunteering for the conference visit https://www.ewb.org.au/conference2009/.

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