Why your end-of-year break may be the best thing to happen to your job search

Posted on Dec 01, 2016 02:07 PM |

Why your end-of-year break may be the best thing to happen to your job search

The end-of-year break could be exactly what your job-search effort needs. Image: Daniel Mee/Flickr.

It's December! And with the end of the year coming fast, it’s probably time to take stock of the past 12 months – and the year to come – when it comes to your career.

Are you satisfied with your current job? Or considering a move into a shiny new ethical job? Or not currently employed and looking for a job that will fulfil you?

If you’re considering changing things up, then the holiday season might be just the opportunity you need.

Emily Lamia is the founder of Pivot Journeys, a US-based start-up that offers unique travel experiences for people who want to take their careers to the next level. It's built on the very premise that a break from routine has the power to inspire and energise, both personally and professionally.

She offers five reasons a holiday – or even just a break from work – may be just the ticket to energise your job search:

1. It can reduce stress and anxiety

A heightened state of stress can cloud your judgement and impair your ability to make decisions – and that can really impact your job search.

For example, if you're in panic mode about finding a new job, you might end up accepting a position that's not the right fit for you. That doesn't bode well for your career, or your future happiness.

Even a brief step back from your daily routine – like the handful of days you might have off over the new year – could alleviate some of the anxiety and stress you might have around your future, and give you the perspective and headspace to make better decisions.

2. It gives you time to reflect

Have you ever noticed how watching waves crashing in the ocean or people-watching over coffee in a crowded city can lead to deep reflection?

That’s because taking a bit of distance from the rat race provides the space to contemplate what's most important to you, and what you’re truly passionate about – without the distractions of the day-to-day.

During your time off, pay attention to the thoughts to which you keep returning. What issues do you find yourself drawn to? Is there a problem you feel compelled to solve? What excites you?

3. It allows you to rest

If you're anxious, stressed or unhappy, it's likely that will come across in any job interviews you might land – and unlikely to act in your favour.

A period of rest can allow you to regroup and approach your job search from a place of calm – with the added bonus of boosting your immune system, cardiovascular system and memory.

4. It increases 'neuroplasticity'

Did you know that getting out of your comfort zone – like when you go travelling – can grow new neural pathways in your brain?

Known as neuroplasticity, this process is behind your ability to learn a new language or pick up a new skill. That's because your brain continuously changes and grows in response to external stimuli – and the more challenging or different to your usual environment, the better the results.

So what does this have to do with your job search? Aside from boosting your resilience, these new neural connections can help you see potential opportunities you might have otherwise missed.

For example, you might come up with some creative new ways to frame your soft skills on your CV, or develop the confidence to apply for that job you may have previously considered out of reach.

5. It boosts energy

Think back to those times you returned to work after a relaxing holiday – once the 'post-holiday blues' dissipated, you were probably more productive and engaged than usual (at least for a time!).

The same applies to your post-holiday job search. After a week spent on the beach reflecting on your priorities, you might find yourself more motivated than ever to find your dream ethical job.

If you're looking for a way to reenergise your job search, a break from routine – or going on a proper holiday if you're lucky! – could be exactly what you need to shake things up.

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