Just how far would you go to get an ethical job?

Posted on Feb 07, 2013 02:33 PM |

Just how far would you go to get an ethical job?

Some people will go a long way to get their dream job - or even just any job

How do you usually apply for a job? Send in your CV and a cover letter? Call up and sell your skills and experience?

How about paying for a billboard ad?

That’s exactly what media production graduate Adam Pacitti did when he spent £500 to advertise himself on a billboard in London in a bid to find a job. And apparently at least 50 companies have expressed interest in hiring him.

While job hunting is a serious business, it got us thinking of all the weird way job seekers have used to get noticed – we hope you don't need to resort to any of these to get your dream job!

Book a flight

Tristan Walker was one of social-networking website Foursquare's first hires and he got the job by being persistent.

Walker recently left the company after three years there, but he wrote a post last June about how he got the gig.

He signed up for Foursquare, used it every day, and sent eight emails to cofounders Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai. After the 8th email, Crowley wrote back,

“You know what, i just may take you up on some of this, are you ever in NYC?”

Walker was never in New York City - he was in L.A. But he lied and said he happened to be in New York City the next day. He booked a flight immediately after and met with Crowley and his co-founder Naveen Selvadurai. After a few weeks working with them for free, they offered him the job - he's now their Director of Business Development.

Sandwich Board

Maintenance engineer Jason Fruen, 39, took the drastic action after being made redundant in 2009 – he resorted to standing at a busy freeway junction advertising himself on a sandwich board for up to four hours at a time. After getting some publicity, he was offered a number of different jobs.


As the slogan on www.resumeshirts.com goes "if you want to stand out in today's economy, you've got to dress for success. Literally." They will will custom-print your resume or cover letter on the back of a deluxe t-shirt and ensure that you'll never miss another opportunity to let someone know that you're ready, able and willing to work.


Alec Biedrzycki went one step further and posted his homemade 'Hire Me’ song on YouTube in order to get noticed. We’re not sure if it got him a job or not.

To finish off here are some of the more memorable job-hunting gimmicks recalled by 250 US advertising and marketing executives in a survey commissioned by The Creative Group where a potential employee has:

  • Put up posters of themselves in the company parking lot.
  • Attached pineapple scratch-and-sniff stickers to their resume.
  • Announced their candidacy with a singing telegram.
  • Sent lottery tickets with their resume.
  • Baked cookies with icing to write several reasons they should be hired.
  • Delivered prepaid Chinese food, including a fortune cookie with their name and number.

Here at EthicalJobs.com.au we reckon a CV and cover letter should generally be enough, but have you ever done something crazy or weird to get a job? Tell us about it below!