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Social Coordinator

Employer: Fighting Chance - Avenue
Work Type/s: Full Time
Classification/s: Administration, Disability Services
Sector/s: Not For Profit (NFP), Social Enterprise
Location: Sydney

Job posted on: 13 March, 2019.
Applications close: No Deadline – please apply as soon as possible

Avenue is a Co-Working Space which enables people of all abilities to work, socialise and learn.

Each Co-Working Space offers people disability the opportunity to:

  • Work: Avenue harnesses micro-business and the Gig Economy to enable participants to utilise their skills and contribute to the economy.
  • Develop Skills: Avenue Co-Working Spaces offer participants a range of learning and skill development opportunities, across a range of content areas including work skills, social skills and personal development.
  • Social Engagement: Avenue Co-Working Spaces offer participants the opportunity not just to work and learn, but to engage more broadly in social aspects of community life and develop friendships.

The Social Coordinator role is one of three supporting functions in the Avenue Hub providing ongoing support to the Team Coordinators in the daily management of their teams.

The Social Coordinator is responsible for facilitating participants engagement in social and recreational activities in the community, to ensure that all participants are achieving their goals and building connections with the community.

This can include in-Hub and out-of-Hub social activities, during the weekday, evenings and weekends.

Core accountabilities:

Social Program Research and Creation:

On a monthly basis, research all social activities that are happening in the area, which participants can access outside the hub – i.e. one-off concert.

  • Develop relationships with local facilities and organisations around ongoing social opportunities – i.e. the local pool, a local social club.
    • Work with Skills Coordinator to organise internal Avenue social activities – i.e. Avenue social skills workshop.
    • Develop a number of resources (EDM, ‘mood board’, sensory display) to communicate these activities to the participants to enable everyone to make choices about what they would like to do.
    • Undertaking risk assessments of venues.

Developing Participant Individual Social Plans:

  • Meet with all relevant participants on a monthly basis, to help individuals develop their social plan for the upcoming month(s), leveraging information developed above.
  • Assist participants in communicating that plan to other key stakeholders, including their Team Coordinator and families.

Social Participant Management:

While most Participants are managed by their Team Coordinator as their key contact, there will be some participants who only participate in Avenue’s social program, and do not want to access work or skill development activities.

The Social Coordinator is responsible for the welfare of this group of social-only participants, including:

  • Being a contact and manager (in conjunction with appropriate Team Coordinators) responsible for each person during their time in Avenue’s social program.
  • Develop a very deep understanding of the support needs of each person in the community, and be able to monitor each person’s supports on a daily basis, to ensure that all of the person’s needs are being met at all times.
  • Staying aware of the specific support needs of everyone in the social program. This might require specialist or off-site training, or sessions with the families/allied health providers for participants – including BIS clinicians, specialists, OTs and physios - to ensure that the Social Coordinator is fully across the participants' needs.
  • Ensuring all casuals are properly trained for social participants needs, and if not, seeking support from the Hub Manager to ensure training is implemented.
  • Highlighting instances where the correct supports are not being implemented, to allow the Hub Manager to step in and make changes.
  • Being the contact person for families in circumstances where the person’s support needs change, and new training or information needs to be imparted to others in Avenue.
  • Provide a key point of contact for family members of social-only participants, to provide the sense of consistency in their person’s care, and ensure that information coming to and from families never fallings between the cracks.
  • Provide warm, engaging leadership and build strong relationships with all social participants, to build a strong community and culture, as well as strong relationships, within Avenue. Importantly, ensuring that all social program participants are engaged and welcomed when in the Hub, and do not feel excluded by virtue of not being at Avenue on a regular basis.

Daily Operations:

  • The heart of the Social Coordinator’s role is overseeing daily operations for c. 20 participants per day, who will be out in the community engaging in a range of social activities.
  • Daily operations include:
    • What their person is doing, in line with their Individual Social Plan, on a monthly basis.
    • Weekly schedule of pick-ups and drop-offs so families understand what is happening in terms of collection and drop off.
    • Items participants need to bring with them to social activities – hat, sun cream, money, Opal card etc.
    • Ensuring that participants activities are set up in advance, as part of developing Individual Social Plans (see above)
    • Assisting with bookings and organising tickets etc. for the activities participants want to partake in, if required.
    • Communicating with families – via email or phone – about:
    • Working with the Hub Manager to arrange staff for the social group – doing staff rosters for the social group, distributing these in advance, managing staff changes/illnesses/holidays on an ongoing basis.
    • Communicating with Hub Manager to ensure the casual pool is big enough to cover all social program shifts.
    • Sign off all activities in SupportAbility on a daily basis.
    • Organise and sign-off TM activities through Hireup, where relevant.
    • Taking after-hours calls from families about short-notice changes to their person’s plans.

Associated administration

  • Organising staff for afternoon services.
  • Development of in-Hub Social Activities:
  • In collaboration with Avenue participants develop a range of after-hours and weekend social activities for the Avenue team, e.g. Friday night social group, Saturday Social Program, etc.
  • Work with Skills Coordinator to publicise the schedule of events, alongside skill development activities.
  • Manage all aspects of the operations of these events.
  • Support of Casual Staff
  • In conjunction with Hub Manager, manage casual pool to cover all social program shifts.
  • Ensure the social program cohort are staffed to the correct ratio in the community.
  • Ensure casuals sign off SupportAbility correctly on a daily basis.
  • Record Keeping and Reporting
  • Sign off all social program SupportAbility activities
  • Keep social-only participants record in SupportAbility accurate and up-to-date.
  • For social-only participants provide feedback to families about their person’s process in the community, including:
    • Managing the production of quarterly reports for their participants
    • Provide more regular feedback to families about participants's progress – via email or on the phone – based on families’ preferences.
  • NDIS Management
  • Provide input to Hub Managers for annual support letters for all social-only participants, as supporting evidence for their annual NDIS review meeting.
  • Ensure SupportAbility is completed for all participants in line with Avenue procedures, for NDIS auditing purposes.
How to apply for this job

This job ad has now expired, and applications are no longer being accepted.