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Climate Conversations National Program Manager

Employer: Climate for Change
Work Type/s: Part Time
Classification/s: Education & Training, Environment & Sustainability, Project Management, Volunteer Management
Sector/s: Not For Profit (NFP)
Location: Melbourne

Job posted on: 31 January, 2019.
Applications close: 03 March, 2019. (Expired)

About Climate for Change

Climate for Change (C4C) is a volunteer-powered not-for-profit based in Melbourne. Our mission is to create the social climate in Australia for real action on climate change.

We know our leaders, political and otherwise, will not do what is needed on climate change without a critical mass of Australians demanding and supporting such action. We know the majority of Australians do support action on climate change, but this support is passive and easily displaced by issues that people feel closer to, less confused about and more able to act on. We know one of the best ways to create deep and active commitment is through conversations with people we trust.

C4C aims to bring climate change to the forefront of public concern by: engaging in conversation people who are sympathetic to action, but not yet engaged with or active on the issue; then inspiring and supporting them to take effective action and to have meaningful conversations with their family and friends about climate change.

We are the only organisation in Australia dedicated to supporting people to have more effective conversations about climate change.

Further information is available at our website:

About Climate Conversations

Climate Conversations is our flagship program. It has adapted the ‘Tupperware party’ model of small gatherings in people’s homes, each of which generates at least one more. This is a unique model within the climate movement that allows both deep engagement and exponential growth.

Climate Conversations began in 2016 with a small group of volunteer Facilitators. Since then we have supported hundreds of volunteers to facilitate almost 700 Conversations reaching over 6000 people. Our current team comprises over 80 active volunteer Facilitators, including 11 Mentor Facilitators, who are located mostly in Melbourne, but also in other Victorian locations and in Queensland.

About the role

We are looking for someone who is passionate about and committed to Climate for Change’s mission and work.

In this role you will:

  • Continue to support our existing volunteers to facilitate Climate Conversations;
  • Work with our Strategic Working Group to develop a strategic plan that will maximise the impact of our Climate Conversations over the next three years and towards the 2022 federal election; and
  • Work with our CEO and the Climate Conversations program team to review the past three years of our Climate Conversations program then adapt the content, structure and/or processes to improve its reach and effectiveness in line with the strategic plan.

We are recruiting based on existing funding for 6 months. We are, however, currently seeking further funding in order to execute the strategic plan and deliver Climate Conversations for a further three years or more. Subject to that funding, we are looking for someone that can oversee that execution and delivery, enabling the program to reach its full potential, over that time.

This position is currently funded for 4 days per week over 6 months. There is a possibility of that increasing to full-time, subject to further funding. Working hours can be flexible.

For more information please refer to the attached Position Description.

How to apply for this job

This job ad has now expired, and applications are no longer being accepted.